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Boca Raton Product Liability Attorneys

Each year, products are designed and manufactured by companies without proper consumer protection safeguards. When injury occurs as a result of these defective products, there can be a serious feeling of betrayal. Many people aren't sure how to move forward when trying to take action against a large company.

According to Florida law, a defendant is liable for injury if a product is in a condition that is "unreasonably dangerous." A product is considered unreasonably dangerous if it fails to perform as safely as an ordinary consumer would expect it to when used as intended or in a manner reasonably foreseeable by the manufacturer. It is also considered "unreasonably dangerous" if the risk of danger in the design of the product outweighs the benefits.

A legal team with the knowledge and resources to undertake the necessary investigation and go after companies with large litigation budgets can obtain compensation when consumers are injured due to these kinds of safety failures.

Boca Raton Defective Products

We at Law Offices Scott Young, P.A. believe that when companies manufacture products without regard for the safety of consumers, they need to be held accountable.

We are dedicated to bringing our entire staff and more than 65 years of combined personal injury experience to take on product liability cases involving:

  • Medical devices or medication
  • Appliances, instruments and tools (site tools)
  • Motor vehicles
  • Chemicals
  • Exercise, sports and amusement equipment
  • Food

We can work with clients injured due to products with design defects, manufacturing defects, moving or flying pieces, failure to properly warn consumers of unnecessary dangers or failure to properly instruct them in safe product use. We're looking forward to working with you.

To discuss any personal injury issue with a personal injury attorney in a free initial consultation with one of our Boca Raton product liability lawyers, call 561-368-1920 or 561-368-1920 and ask for Scott Young or send us an e-mail.