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Accidents and Injuries From Potholes and Walkway Defects

There are federal, state and local codes that govern walkways and parking lot maintenance. These codes govern precisely how step downs on staircases and curbs are to be constructed and when a handrail is required. Given the weather here in Florida, the repair of potholes, too, is a constant requirement considering traffic and weather conditions. Trees often grow underneath asphalt causing holes and breaks, and can cause people to trip because the root system has expanded and caused an uneven surface. Many times, property owners aren't completely up on these codes, which can open the door to disaster.

When people are injured, the liability may not reside with the owner alone, but with the management company, maintenance company and even the leaser. When complicated personal injury cases involve multiple defendants, as they do in complex premises liability cases, it's critical to seek out a legal advocate who has the knowledge and experience of all codes and can build a case based on this solid foundation.

West Palm Beach Premises Liability Attorneys

We at Law Offices Scott Young, P.A. are ready to bring our comprehensive understanding of these codes to any premises liability case. If there's any doubt or question, we can reach out to our network of building engineers and property maintenance experts to provide the necessary information to build an airtight case. No matter what course the case takes, be it mediation, settlement or trial, we're committed to obtaining fair compensation for your injury so you can get back to what matters most: your life.

To discuss any aspect of accidents and injuries from potholes and walkway defects with one of our Boca Raton, premises liability lawyers in a free initial consultation, call 561-368-1920 or 561-368-1920 and ask for Scott Young or send us an e-mail.