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Boca Raton Car Accident Attorneys

Auto accidents are some of the most common, and unfortunately, serious cases of personal injury in the United States.

According to the United States Census Bureau, there are more than 10 million car accidents annually with more than 35,000 of them resulting in death. According to truckinfo.net, 150,000 drivers are injured/killed annually in trucking accidents.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a car or truck accident, it's important to work with a team of legal advocates who will do everything possible to understand, analyze and present all aspects of the incident. It's only this comprehensive approach to aggressive advocacy that can help us arrive at the best possible outcome in mediation, litigation or settlement.

Boca Raton Car Accident Attorneys

At Law Offices Scott Young, P.A., we've handled hundreds of car, truck and commercial vehicle injury cases, and have obtained multimillion-dollar settlements and judgments. Scott Young worked for years as an insurance defense attorney and knows exactly how the insurance companies think. The moment an accident occurs, there is often a team of individuals working for the insurance company doing everything to minimize compensation paid. With more than 65 years of combined litigation experience and an unyielding commitment to the cases in which we invest, we know precisely how to counter these actions.

We're able to take on nearly any type of accident cases, including those involving:

Throughout all cases, our attorneys work directly with clients to comprehensively understand all issues at play. Each case is methodically built for trial — when insurance companies realize how prepared we are with our case, they're often willing to settle for amounts that are more than fair.

To discuss any Florida personal injury issue with one of our  Boca Raton car accident lawyers in a free initial consultation, call 561-368-1920 or 561-368-1920 and ask for Scott Young or send us an e-mail.